Missouri Judges

With elections around the corner it is important to understand just who our judges are. Currently, Missouri maintains 405 judges and commissioners. The Supreme Court has seven judges and the appellate court has 32 judges. There are also 141 circuit judges, 193 associate circuit judges and 32 commissioners and deputy commissions throughout the Missouri trial courts.

Most circuit judges and associate circuit judges are elected by popular vote. However, in the remaining five counties (City of St. Louis, and in St. Louis, Jackson, Clay, Platte and Greene Counties), circuit and associate circuit judges are selected according to Missouri's non-­‐partisan court plan. All appellate judges, including those on the Supreme Court, are selected in accordance with to the same Missouri plan.

More Information Per Region:
Kansas City Judges
St. Louis Judges
Springfield Judges

For judges who wish to serve beyond their term, they must seek another term. The judges who were elected by the non-­‐partisan plan must stand for retention at the general election. However, Judges are only allowed to hold their position until the age of 70.

If you were ever thinking of becoming a Missouri judge one day or are interested in what is required for judges, you can read article V, section 21 of the Missouri constitution, which outlines the qualifications for becoming a judge.